Terence Allingham Shepherd

Sailor - Merchant Navy - MV Upwey Grange

Background Information


18th September 1917



Sailor - Merchant Navy - MV Upwey Grange



8th August 1940 age 22

Terence Allingham Shepherd was born on 18th September 1917 in Gravesend, Kent. His father was Horace Herbert Shepherd, a Channel Pilot, and his mother was Caroline (née Allingham). The first school that he attended was Cecil Road School in Gravesend.
In 1928 Terence Shepherd joined The County School for Boys – now known as Gravesend Grammar School. The Head Master at that time was the Reverend Samuel Lister. The County School for Boys was located in Darnley Road, Gravesend close to the Railway Station (now the Victoria Centre for Education). In 1938 the School moved to brand new premises in Church Walk, Milton, Gravesend opposite to Milton Church.
The School’s Admission Register lists Terence’s address as 50 Kent Road, Gravesend. Two older brothers and one younger brother also attended the School. Jack (born 1912), Jim (born 1916) and Richard (born 1919).
In 1931 Terence moved to Cranbrook School. In 1933 he joined the Merchant Navy as a Stewards Boy, and by 1940 he was serving as a Sailor on the MV Upwey Grange.
On 8th August 1940, the unescorted MV Upwey Grange was hit by a torpedo from U-Boat U-37 and sank about 184 miles west of Achill Head, County Mayo. The master, 31 crew, 1 gunner and 3 passengers lost their lives; including Terence Shepherd, age 22. He is remembered on the Tower Hill Memorial.
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